Fern Selesnick Consulting

Creative Career Services for Challenging Times

 We've moved! Our new mailing address is PO Box 602, Williamsburg, MA 01096 and we're still at (413) 563-8074 or [email protected] Different location, same great service!

Our Resume Process

Schedule a Time to Speak

  1. Choose a free, confidential 15-minute call or a 60-minute planning session. (60-minute sessions are available by phone or video conferences. If you're new to video conferencing, don't worry. We make it easy!)
  2. We'll ask for a copy of your resume (if available) and discuss how we can be of assistance.
  3. Free calls are a time to see if our services might match your needs. Hourly meetings can help clarify your career goals, skills, and strengths for an effective resume. Sliding scale: $75-$125/hr.

If You Want To Proceed

  1. We recommend booking a resume three to four weeks in advance to be sure we can serve you.
  2. You'll receive a "Next Steps Checklist" requesting a signed contract, sample job postings, and payment. (We may also ask you to answer a simple questionnaire.)
  3. Once the checklist's completed, we'll book your resume and contact you to arrange a schedule.

Working Together To Meet Your Goals

  1. Packages include collaborative meetings, drafts, and resumes for Internet applications, email, printing, and editing. Learn more here.
  2. We'll customize your resume to your needs and highlight your strengths and experience.
  3. Meetings are in person or by phone. Our schedule's flexible and we're always available for questions.

Our guiding principles are quality, courtesy, and respect. We'll work creatively and collaboratively to meet your resume needs and to provide you with a positive experience!