Fern Selesnick Consulting

Creative Career Services for Challenging Times

How Our Career Advising Works

I  Schedule an Initial Call

  • We think people should be able to speak with a career advisor before "signing on", so we schedule a free, introductory 15-minute call to discuss services. Prior to speaking, we'll request a copy of your resume (if one is available).
  • We'll explain our services, answer questions, and discuss how we might be of assistance.
  • If you'd like to proceed, we'll schedule a full video or phone call and send a contract before services begin.

II  Meet with Us!

  • Sessions are 60 minutes long. Extended meetings are available with advance notice. Fees are on a sliding scale and are payable in advance.
  • We offer video and phone meetings. (If you're new to virtual meetings, don't worry. We make it easy!) 
  • Some people request "homework" and we provide reading, reflection, and research assignments. Others prefer working on things at meetings only and that's fine too.

In all cases, our guiding principles are quality, courtesy, and respect. We work creatively and collaboratively to meet each client's needs. Payments are due at the time of service except for a Strong Interest Inventory (a formal assessment tool to identify your career interests). In that case, we'll request payment in advance.

All services require a signed contract.

III Courtesy Follow Up

After each session, you'll receive a customized, emailed summary of our key discussion points and next steps. (There's no added fee for this service-it's provided to assist you in moving forward.)

To learn more, contact us for a complimentary, 15-minute meeting.