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Career Advising

Fern helped me plan and carry out a strategy for career change resulting in a new position that better meets my needs. I was able to secure interviews for positions I wanted and, in the end, I had a choice of positions in two different industries - higher education and healthcare. My new position is in the cutting-edge field of renewable energy and is well-paying and secure. I couldn't have made this transition without Fern’s help. Karen H., Client Who Achieved a Successful Career Change

Work is a major part of life, yet many people never really get to discuss it. The opportunity can be life-changing.

We assist people in a wide range of occupations and we work with all career levels and ages. Our clients range from students and recent graduates to young professionals, mid-life professionals, and mature workers

We address today's career and work-life concerns, including career decisions, career change, job search, resumes, and interviews.

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